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Raising Finance

Through Banco Santander (the no.12 bank in the world) and other partners, Finance4Learning has the ability to provide funds to your personnel so they are in a position to buy your learning & development programmes. Why would an organisation provide access to lending instead of paying the training programme on their behalf? One consideration which is often shared with us is that organisations wish to make sure people are truly motivated for a training and see it through until the end. Upon successful completion, the loan is often reimbursed.

Or how about financing your own organisation? Especially in the current economic circumstances, raising funds with (private) investors or financial institutions might be crucial to your organisation. Having sufficient funds at your disposal might make the difference between being able to e.g. finance a restructuring, develop a new product / market or implement new technologies. Please do contact us in relation to e.g. raising equity or other types of finance.



You’ll appreciate that mentioning concrete references here is inappropriate. Suffice to say that more than 175 companies are assisted every year and that besides clients in business services (including L&D), our partners also cater to e.g. the following sectors: agriculture, automotive, construction, energy, food, healthcare, hospitality & leisure, IT, manufacturing, property, retail, transport & logistics and wholesale. In more than 30 years, literally thousands of organisations have benefitted.

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